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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I am someone who truly avoids the dentist and would rather be in pain than go. It was only after getting an infection that I had to go. By the time I came for the root canal I was full blown terrified. The woman who assisted in the procedure (I apologize but I forgot her name in my terror) was so welcoming. She saw my terror and was very calming. She repeatedly offered, genuinely, to hold my hand if I needed it. She made me so much more comfortable. At the end she told me I did well. Dr. Gliksberg came in and was so calming as well. He talked to me about what would be happening and what to expect. He kept me informed the whole time. And he was true to his word that it would be painless. When I came out to the car my wife asked me if they weren’t able to do the procedure because she couldn’t believe how good I looked. I actually had the root canal several weeks ago but it was such an amazingly easy experience I wanted to be sure to post a review. For anyone who is seriously afraid of dentists, root canals, etc. you need to know 2 things. First, don’t be afraid as you will be fine and feel much better afterwards. Second that is true only if you go see Dr. Gliksberg and his extremely caring staff.

- Susan K

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Dr. Gliksberg and staff were excellent. I had a previous root canal done elsewhere and it was a horrible experience. To the point that I was terrified of getting this root canal done. Dr. Gliksberg listened to my prior experience and put me at ease. He did an excellent painless job and if I ever need the services of an endodontist again I will be sure to give them a call! Thank you Lakeside Endodontics 🙂

- Liz P

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Dr. Gliksberg was extremely gentle! I almost fell asleep in the chair. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a root canal. The staff was very pleasant as well!

- Eileen O

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Gayle W.
Submitted 07/11/19

Was in some pain and they gave me an appointment immediately. Dr. Gliksberg fixed my
tooth and I walked out of there pain free. Highly recommend Dr. Gliksberg and the office
manager, Patricia.

Lori W.
Submitted 07/09/19
I would recommend Dr. Gliksberg to anyone. He was great!

John M.
Submitted 07/03/19
Dr Gliksberg is the best! Cares not just about your teeth yet you as an individual.
Compassionate and caring. I’d recommend him to anyone who needs the services he

Laraine C.
Submitted 06/27/19
The staff is professional, Very thorough. I had a situation that they and the Dentist when
above and Beyond what I could expect. Dr Gliksberg was gracious, professional and very
pleasant. I had a root canal, barely felt a thing. Also his hygienist, wonderful

Kara S.
Submitted 06/25/19
Very positive. Dr. Gliksberg and his staff are very kind and professional.

Yolanda G.
Submitted 06/25/19
Painless & pleasant!

Joanne C.